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Messenger | Bike Courier | Urban warrior | Old soul | Caffeine addict | A touch of death
A single touch will mean death to any living thing, which is a shame because Tuesday's quite an odd, but friendly sorta girl, who would happily pour you a drink, listen to your worldly woes, and then kill you-- accidentally, of course. Her touch is cursed, and fated to bring death, and you have now been warned.

Tuesday is a conceptual OC based off of the idea of someone, whose touch remains forever fated to cause others around her to die.

Mature Content Warning
Involvement with this character may contain one, if not all, of the following:
Sex, drugs, violence, coarse language, adult situations, psychological trauma, and death by the gallons.
Mun is not responsible for the actions or expressed opinions of the muse.

[Tuesday is an original character and a work in-progress developed for pure entertainment and developed for the story. I am not Shelby Malone. Both muse and mun are over the age of 18. All rights reserved.]
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